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Screening – January 24, 2014

Georgia Roots Music Festival, Atlanta, Georgia


Friday, January 24, 2014 at 7:30pm — Free Screening at Woodruff Arts Center-Rich Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia

Special Addition

The Georgia Roots Music Festival, presented by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Georgia Humanities Council, is a FREE day-long celebration of Georgia’s rich musical heritage, taking you on a journey through the state’s musical roots with performances, talks, and exhibits. The Festival represents a variety of music styles including: Gospel, String Band, Bluegrass & Country, Blues, R&B, Folk, and Immigrant music.

What is Roots Music?
“Roots music” refers to the music rooted in our culture. These traditions reflect the past and present residents of our state- Native Americans, Europeans, Africans, and our growing immigrant communities. People use music- both vocal and instrumental sounds- to sustain themselves spiritually and emotionally in worship, at work, for dances, to protest and express grievances, to remember, or simply for entertainment.

New Harmonies
A featured attraction of the festival will be New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music, a travelling museum exhibition of the Smithsonian. New Harmonies explores the early traditions of American music and examines how music has shaped American culture and history.


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