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Dr. William Ferris

Former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and Senior Associate Director of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wrote: “’Sing My Troubles By’ is a beautifully filmed tribute to both the filmmaker’s parents…and to the artists whom they recorded, filmed, and photographed. The juxtaposition of Art Rosenbaum’s drawings of the artists featured in the film is especially powerful.”


Alice Gerrard

Musician and founding editor of “The Old Time Herald” wrote: “I showed an early version of Neil Rosenbaum’s ‘Sing My Troubles By’ to my class and to others at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies when I was a Lehman-Brady Fellow there in 2009. Being a friend and admirer of Art and Margo Rosenbaum for many years, and having met many of the people featured in the film, it was especially gratifying to see them represented in this very personal and loving way. The presentation of Art’s paintings and Margo’s photographs help greatly to underscore the intrinsic value of the artists and the lives they live. The musical/artistic world has been so enriched by the work that they have all done throughout their lives, and to see it represented so well by this film is satisfying and powerful.”


Daniel Barber

After a screening at Emory University at Oxford, Professor Daniel Barber commented: “The film casts a subtle and complex light upon people and ways of living too often generalized about and fuels a strange kind of love of life and art.”


Ed Teague

On seeing the film–in which he appears–traditional north Georgia banjo picker Ed Teague said, “Some people like to ‘jelly it up’, this [film] is more natural, this is what it ought to be…it’s telling the story…If there was something that was wrong, I’d tell you right straight out.”


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